Patrick McGannon -
Paper Conservator
  Leonora Weaver -
Paper Conservator
Only perfected techniques are used in the restoration of paper. The examination includes a written report outlining condition, treatment recommendations, costs and time requirements.

- We eradicate or significantly reduce damage from water stains, pressure-sensitive tapes, glues, mold or mildew and foxing through a variety of washing techniques.
- Fragmenting and tears can be effectively repaired.
- Folds can be removed or significantly reduced with controlled humidification and drying procedures.
- "Cockling" or waviness from exposure to water or excess humidity can be reversed.
- Embrittled paper can be rehydrated and supported with special tissues.
- Pieces that have been improperly mounted or glued down to boards can usually be removed from mounts and all glue residue eliminated. Pigments that are "cupping" or flaking off can be consolidated and stabilized.

Restoration results are discussed with the client before proceeding with any treatment.

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